Frequently Asked Question

What do you need to get started?

After you place your order, you’ll need to answer few questions. Primarily, we need your business name and tell me few words about that..

How can I get more information?

Hey! Just drop us a message regarding any queries that you may have and We will get back to you instantly.

Is your promotion safe for my account?

Yes, we care about your privacy: it is our first priority. We don’t store your password, and we only use it for the authorization process. We do not use any third party applications or software; instead, we have an actual person working on your account.

Can we communicate with whatsapp, Skype, email etc?

Yes, You can contact us at any time With whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, imo, Viber, email 

Will I be able to edit my website easily?

Your website will be fully editable & you will be able to do modification very easily add text & images to all pages with a click! You will be able to edit e-commerce products, their images, descriptions & prices and add unlimited pages and posts too. No programming skills required!

Who owns the copyright?

All copyrights will transfer over to you upon completion. If you do not wish your project to be used in our portfolio just let me know. It’s no problem 🙂

If I need revision, how much time it will take?

We try our best to deliver the modification ASAP but it may take around 24 hours depending on the modification you want.

Can I have proof of the results you allready have ?

Off course the proof with our result are available for you to check so feel free to ask for them.

Do you provide website maintenance in future?

Yes,  So in the future, you can also contact us for any maintenance of the website. We will do our best for you. Our 1st priority to satisfy our clients with quality work & friendly customer support

Will you teach me how to update or edit my website for the future?

Yes! We  can guide you through the basics of WordPress, how it works, and how to make basic edits on your website. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS). WordPress features a plug-in architecture and a template system, allowing users to beautify their blogs and websites with themes, and extend the functionality with plugins

How i can see your portfolio?

We  have developed more than 15,000+ websites. what you have to do is just let me know your niche and i will provide you my recent done websites according to the niche you tell me 🙂 Be satisfied before placing the order

What if i am not satisfied with the work?

There is no chance for it as customer satisfaction is our first priority and we will try to do every possible thing to make you satisfy with my work 🙂 Otherwise we will be happy to refund your wages which is the worst case

You have so many orders! When do you have time for me?

Because of the high quality of this service, Our team serve hundreds of returning clients monthly. We have a large team of experts here where each team member has his own responsibilities. We are always excited to work with new customers.

I am referring my friends to you! Do I get a benefit from that?

Firstly, I really appreciate you recommending my service to others! You can get a discount on your next promotion, or, if you refer a large number of people, you can qualify for one free month of promotion.

Will you create all social media channels from scratch?

Yes We will

Is Your service of SEO safe for our site?

Yes. Our service use only safe and white hat methods to help you rank higher in search engines. We only follow Google webmaster guidelines to rank your site. We will not put in danger any of my clients as We  know if a customers business grow our  services thrust grow as well .

What are brand identity guidelines? Why do I need them?

Your brand style guide communicates design standards & usage providing • Guidance on how the brand identity elements such as logo, fonts, colour palette should be used and communicated. • Guidance for designers to ensure a unified look & feel for every new piece of collateral that you develop.

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