How could i get a free domain for my website?

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Support ForumCategory: Web DesignHow could i get a free domain for my website?
EpicIceZ asked 2 years ago

As we all know, to get a domain we need to pay money.How could we get free domains legally?

Dshckb replied 1 week ago

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4 Answers
root answered 2 years ago

You go to a host that does all that for you.
You will find plenty of hosting companies that will register the domain for you and automatically incorporate the domain in their DNS so you have no issues.

LearnTheNew answered 2 years ago

if you need a free domain you will only two ways are
1. using freenom – only 1 year validity with different extention.
2. get the free domain when you creating a free website with subdomains. Ex:,

VITSUSA answered 2 years ago

WordPress, Wix etc… are so many platform which provide free website with subdomains.

Zain Kanian answered 2 years ago

Webhosts provide a FREE DOMAIN when you PAY for HOSTING…
Getting a Free domain, been there, DO NOT DO IT.
You give up that domain for good, you get a very CRUFTY domain and use a free service, you kiss that baby good bye or pay thousands of dollars to buy it off the company that provides these so called free domains, they come at a cost… that is when you want to move to another domain and they provide the domain,l when you come to set up your domain on that host, thats when problems begin and the realisation that free was a BIG MISTAKE

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