Please help me choose best CMS

Please help me choose best CMS
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Colleen Gratzer asked 2 years ago

I need to design my graphic design and printing website that will sell products with different variables to get pricing. Client should be able to estimate shipping cost, upload file, checkout. Examples of same website is,,
What CMS will be easy to design the website and what plugins to design the product forms with shipping estimator and checkout possibilities?
Please thank you for helping.

Ewqjqp replied 1 week ago

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Robs answered 2 years ago

In my part, I already have experience in Magento and Shopify. This two CMS is focuses on woocommerce site. It’s better to choose a CMS that focuses on woocommerce functionality.
If you want to use WordPress, I suggest you to use a woocommerce themes.
Thank you 🙂

VITSUSA answered 2 years ago

Theme of woocommerce is the best option.

Pboateng2 answered 2 years ago

What about bootstrap? Is it also good?

LearnTheNew answered 2 years ago

Hi, @Pboateng2 I am also developing a same website similar to Vistaprint, the products must be customized.
I prefer you below things because i have used it’s a one-time investment.
Go with WordPress Platform
Choose any e-commerce theme (Woo-commerce plugin will come with e-commerce theme)
for customize theme use the: “WooCommerce Custom Product Designer – Complete business solution for selling custom printing products”

design7spep answered 2 years ago

With my experience on several technologies, I will recommend going for WordPress if you are looking for an easy-to-use CMS which will offer all the compatibility features and plugins for E-commerce. However, for better stability and security, I will recommend going for Joomla or Drupal, as these also offer great compatibility to plugins and themes for E-commerce. The best e-commerce platform for integration in a CMS is definitely woocommerce.

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